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Caribbean Poker Game

The world famous game is the casino poker game with the celebration poker game show and the televised championships also. Just not only its TV ratings, the popularity of the poker game show has been stretched to the whole world with the back quite a bit. Within this few years several variations of the online poker game have been developed including some the games those, which are now not even the poker, game also.

Caribbean Poker game


Caribbean Poker game is one of such kind of poker games. Caribbean poker game is the casino table game. Despite of it name as the poker game, but the Caribbean stud poker is more about closely related to the blackjack casino game rather than the traditional poker game. The game is such type where players will bet against the bank, not bet against each other. The rules are just similar to the five-card stud poker game and it cannot be beaten in the long run. The uniqueness of the Caribbean Poker is that it is played against the house instead of against other players. It is also free from any bluffing or any other kind of deception. In this stud poker game you are purely expected to ante up before the dealer will declare that he is not interested to bet more. This is the point where you, the bank and also the other players will get five cards in each. Once you have seen your hand and the bank’s first card, you must either make a call bet or surrender. The bet value of your call is equal to the original ante that means that the stake will have the doubled in condition. If you will surrender that means you are going to ante directly to the bank. If the bank does have ace/king or better, you win if your hand beats the bank’s hand. The bank pays out money even with your ante and fixed odds on your call bet. The odds are:

1.2-1 for two pairs
2. High card or even for a pair
3. 3-1 for three of kind
4. 4-1 for the straight
5. 5-1 for the flush
6. 7-1 for the full house
7. 20-1 for a four of a kind
8. 50-1 for the straight flush
9. 100-1 for the royal lush.

These are total listing for your convenience from the lowest possible winning hand to the highest way so that the payouts for the lowest hand will also be increased in the percentage way. If in the play the bank has the king or ace or better than you and you will not beat the banks hand, then definitely bank will win the game and you will lose both the bet and the ante. To start for the next round of betting, you need to place the next ante. At the tables, there are several rules to be observed properly:

1. Only one hand per player. No player may hold or wager on multiple hands at the same time.
2. The decisions of the table and/or casino or floor supervisor are final and not subject to dispute.
3. Any incorrect number of cards can cause the dead hand for that particular player only and wager will be return.
4. You can’t communicate with any other players or exchange the card information to other. It wills instantly forfeiture of wagers and a dead hand.
5. Each player has to keep his or her cards insight of the dealer.
If a hole card is exposed prior to the dealer announcing “No more bets”, all hands are made void.

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