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Qualifying A Low Poker Hand In o8b

omaha low hand poker

Refer to the Stud 8/b chart on page 316. These will be the same qualifying low hands for 08B. You need to have at least an eight low (no card higher than an eight) in order to have a chance at the low half of...

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Omaha Poker Eight Or Better Strategy


Omaha eight or better (O8B) is the world’s second most popular poker game right now. If you walk into any card room on the West Coast of the United States, you will find people playing O8B. Check out any card room in Los Angeles (like...

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Pot-limit Omaha – Sample Poker Hand

Pot-limit Omaha

While I was playing in a PLO game in Tunica, Mississippi, the following hand came up. The blinds were $25-$50, and I called $50 with K-K-7-4 in PI. P2 called, and then P3 raised the size of the pot ($25SB + $50BB + $50me +...

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Caribbean Poker Game

Caribbean Poker game

The world famous game is the casino poker game with the celebration poker game show and the televised championships also. Just not only its TV ratings, the popularity of the poker game show has been stretched to the whole world with the back quite a...

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Know all the strategies of Poker

poker game

Poker is a very commonly played game, but not many are able to get a grip over the game as much as the specialists. There are certain skills and tricks that you need to apply, and also making sure that they are applied at the...

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