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Different Types of Blackjack Games in Detail


Blackjack Games

The Various Types of Blackjack Explained

Blackjack is the most widely played table game in the world, available in virtually every casino, both online and in the real world. But, there are a number of variations of blackjack that keep the game fresh and interesting. Small added rules put a new spin on the game, creating a new experience from a familiar root.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of blackjack that exist, and see how they differ.

Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is played with between 1 – 8 decks of cards, and is the version that most casino goers are already familiar with, using the core rules of the game. It involves the player first being required to put in an ante, and initial bet, after which the player is dealt two face down cards, and the dealer dealt one face up card, and one face down card. The player decides to stand or hit, based on the cards given.

If the player has two cards the same, the decision can be taken to split the hand, and play two separate hands. A second ante must be added to the additional hand, plus, only a single card is allowed to be drawn after a split has occurred. Note that the dealer may only look at his or her second hand once the player has decided to stand. Doubling down is also allowed, which gives the player the option to double the current bet in anticipation of a good hand. The classic version of the game is a popular form of blackjack in Canada and around the rest of the world, and remains the most played  globally.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack is almost identical to classic blackjack, but for the addition of a growing jackpot, which can be won by the player. The jackpot is added to after every hand is played, and gradually grows as long as it has not been won. If the player chooses to take a run at the jackpot, a small additional bet must be made before the cards are dealt. The jackpot will be awarded if the player achieves a specific hand, generally a blackjack made up of a black jack, and a red ace. Once the jackpot has been won, a new jackpot is started.

European Blackjack

European blackjack is played with two decks, and is also mostly identical to classic blackjack, but for that it is played with two decks of cards, plus a few small additional rules. First, the dealer does not receive his second, face down card, until the player has finished his play entirely. Other added rules allow the player to double down the bet only on hard totals of 9-11. Plus, after a player splits his hand, he may double down on either of the two hands.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack has, most notably, the added late surrender rule. This rule allows the player to surrender his hand and back out, if it seems like the hand is not going well. In order to do this the player must sacrifice half of the standing bet, and let the rest be carried through to the next hand. Note that late surrender may not be used once the dealer has turned over the face down card.

These versions of blackjack are just a few of the over 40 different variants available online, but they are an excellent starting point for any avid player.

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