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Rules of Bingo Game

There are so many people who have heard a lot about bingo but never really got a chance to play the game. The lack of knowledge about the game has taken away quite a few people from trying their skills on such a game. Bingo is not at all a complicated game, but yes, you need to know of at least the basic rules in order to get started. The basic rules are very simply and in most cases, people who start off with a decent knowledge of such rules, they seem to love every bit of their experience with the game.


To start off with, you need to first know that bingo cards come in the form of two sets. You have to opt from either one of them. The one set has cards numbered from 1 to 75 whereas the other set has from 1 to 90. Mostly the 90 set is used, where in you have a 90 ball bingo, the cards will be placed in three rows, with that each row will have 9 columns and in the end there will be about 4 blank spaces. The first column will be numbered from 1 to 10, second from 11 to 20 and so on.

If you are wondering what a 75 ball bingo would be like, then it would be more like a 5×5 grid, which has rows and columns of 5 each. It becomes more like a square grid. The columns start from 1 to 15 and go up to 61 to 75.

The game however gets started when a random number is called upon. In the real setting, there is a caller who would call the number loudly. But, when you play bingo online, you can expect the number to pop on your computer screen. Even with online bingo games, the number is called upon and also presented on the screen. There is a very different way to call the numbers. They don’t just call the number as 14, but more so define it as 1 and 4, 14. Once the number has been called upon, you need to check for the number on the ticket that you have, if yes, then you need to strike it out.

The only way you will win the game is when you manage to strike out all the numbers on your ticket. This game needs the player to be vigilant, to know of what number is being called upon and if it exists on your ticket, then you have to strike it off. Luck does favour the brave; there is a huge amount of importance given to the luck factor. The biggest advantage that you can have with bingo is that when you are playing the game and if you have managed to strike off all the numbers of the first two lines, then you deserve the second price and if you have managed to strike out all the numbers, then you need to shout full house and you get the first prize. So, even without a full house, you still can win.

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